Solar PV

As an MCS accredited company, we can undertake the complete design, installation and commissioning of solar photovoltaic projects. Within our team, we are able to offer all works, including roofing, scaffolding and civil, depending on the type of contract.

We strive to offer clients the best advice and always use products at the forefront of their market place in order to maximising the longevity of any installation we carry out. Lotus Electrical Services has been MCS accredited since 2007 when feed in tariff rates drove the industry. In recent years the industry has changed to be focused on self consumption and part of a reduced energy consumption culture 

Lotus Electrical Services has stayed abreast of modern energy saving measures and can offer creative supporting technologies to supliment any Solar PV installation.

We are able to provide solar panel maintenance and repairs for all market places. This includes repairs that fall under warranty and routine maintenance.