High Voltage (HV) Services

High Voltage (HV) Switching, Maintenance and Authorisation Services

High Voltage (HV) networks are generally for clients who use over 1000KVa of electricity supply. Normally, businesses using over 1000KVa would be expected to operate with a High Voltage (HV) network and privately own transformers.

Who needs a Private High Voltage Network?

Many power users are unaware of this and are operating on a limited, Low Voltage supply provided by the local DNO (distribution network operator). These supplies are a generic model and not designed specifically for the type of loads within the business. Therefore limiting company growth and opportunities to automate. Converting to an HV Network can maximise the provision of your power, increase onsite power efficiency between supplier Kwhs to used Kwhs. It can also fix or reduce the price of your electricity whilst reducing downtime created by nuisance DNO outages.

Another growing market sector in Private HV networks is in renewable energy; self-consumption has become the forefront of the industry. Many clients considering large scale renewables can only make the business model work by including self-consumption. Many businesses are also now reviewing a previous renewable project and thinking about how to further maximise their investment. Both of these can require very long cable runs leaving low voltage not viable, using HV puts a different perspective on this and cable runs of several kilometres are common.

New High Voltage Installations

It takes the expertise of specialist qualified engineers to work with High Voltage electrical systems. That’s why Lotus Electrical should be your first choice for new HV network installation. From initial power study to design, installation and maintenance, our team can work with you to ensure safe, smooth project delivery.

We can provide a full design and build of your High Voltage electrical system, including HV Switchgear, transformers, HV cabling installations, jointing, terminating and testing. Your project will be expertly managed and coordinated by our Schneider HV Authorised Person specialist team, ensuring project completion is carried out to the highest, industry-leading standards.

  • Earthing Systems – Ranging from a field-based soil resistivity survey (to assist with the initial design process), through to installation and commissioning.
  • Testing and Commissioning – Safety and performance are paramount, and our engineers can carry out testing and inspection of your High Voltage system to ensure that it’s safe and within performance parameters.
  • Fault Location –If you need fault diagnosis or just an expert opinion, we can provide a thorough fault location service for your HV systems.
  • Maintenance and Support Partnership - Aftercare for your HV Network through our customised maintenance package including 24-hour emergency callout.
  • Authorised Person - To business clients that have an HV network that requires isolation.
  • Cable spiking - If you have a cable that requires an extension, altered or made redundant for safety. We can Spike, joint, extend or cap off to your requirement.