Upgrade of power supply and improved efficiency at the Steelworks

Increased Production for BHC

Lotus Electrical has been working with one of the country’s largest structural steel fabricators, BHC, on a large scale project that allows the BHC site to increase production through the design and implementation of an improved, high voltage power supply network. 

BHC process up to 800 tonnes of structural steel per week to service the agricultural, commercial, education, gas and oil, health, industrial and power sectors. 

Following a request to review their power usage and outstanding offers from Scottish Power Energy Network (SPEN) for an additional grid connection into the BHC site, Lotus instead suggested an upgrade to their existing incoming supply and met with SPEN to negotiate the upgrade to a high voltage network on behalf of BHC.

Renewable Energy Generation

Research, design, development and delivery of phases 1 and 2 of the project took 18 months. During the preliminary review process, Lotus discovered BHC’s existing 500kw wind turbine had not been connected to the factory at the time of installation, so this work was integrated into the overall project.

The aim of the secondary design stage was to propose a new high voltage (HV) network which could distribute the upgraded power supply.

11kv Private Network

Lotus, whilst working for BHC, project managed their own civil engineers and our team designed and installed the 11kv private network. This network interconnecting all areas to a single 2Mva connection from SPEN, and incorporated the existing 500kw turbine allowing self-consumption onsite.  Provision was designed in and cabled for a further onsite generation.

The large-scale project included:

4,300m of High Voltage (HV) cabling
3,200m of Fibre Cable
1 Bespoke build High Voltage (HV) distribution kiosk
3 local step down transformers
1 master High Voltage (HV) isolation point
A full SCADA control/monitoring system
Earthing nests at each High Voltage (HV) point

Bespoke SCADA System

The network has also incorporated a Scada ( Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system). This is essential for load sharing, monitoring of the network status and power consumption information.  It is also able to curtail onsite generation or directing power to onsite loads to prevent over export to the grid. On certain days of the week, BHC is now completely self-sufficient in energy production.

Schneider High Voltage (HV) Authorised Qualified Persons

Phase 1 and 2 of this new network has been designed with a view to future expansion, allowing the business to grow.  Phase 3 will see an additional 500kw of onsite generation added to the new network, and a High Voltage (HV) network maintenance program through Lotus’s team of four Schneider HV Authorised Qualified Persons.

Lotus Electrical services can now provide services for full design and build of your High Voltage electrical system. This includes HV Switchgear, transformers, HV cabling installations, jointing, terminating and testing. As well as offering high voltage installation services, we can also offer high voltage maintenance services. 

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