Integrated Solar PV Installation at Halcrow

In July of 2018, Lotus electrical Services began work on a domestic housing scheme for Ashleigh Scotland Ltd consisting of 47Nr houses in Gretna, Dumfries & Galloway. It is the biggest single project of this type that we have worked on with Ashleigh and both parties are thrilled with the way the relationship is progressing.

Our Project Partner - Cunninghame Housing Association

The client on this project is Cunninghame Housing Association. Based in Ardrossan, Cunninghame is responsible for the planning, design and delivery of new homes across North, East & South Ayrshire as well as across the Dumfries & Galloway region. They work closely with the Scottish Government to deliver an ambitious programme of new build homes. Their mission is to pursue a strategy of being “More than just a landlord – Making communities better places”.

In-Roof Solar PV Installation Services

For this Solar PV installation project, which is on the ground of the former Halcrow dog racing track in Gretna, each house is designed to have a minimum of 1kW of Solar PV in a black finish installed in an integrated, or “In-Roof”, type system. With the help our Solar PV installation partners, Krannich Solar, we opted to use the “Easy Roof Evolution” system by IRFTS.

The integrated or in-roof solar PV system designed and manufactured by IRFTS has many features and benefits;

  • It slots together perfectly with the roof sequence in lieu of the tiles, leaving an aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • The longevity of the system is guaranteed to cope with changes in temperatures and strong deltas.
  • There are “freezes” which protect the lateral sides of the installation from the likes of snow and nesting birds
  • 100% water tightness is guaranteed thanks to deep gutters and water walls
  • The IRFTS Solar PV mounting system is fully compliant with all UK Building Regulations, MCS012 & B-roof T4
  • Has in excess of 4850Pa (wind Uplift Performance) designed to withstand the largest of storms
  • It offers easy maintenance, with all modules and electrics being accessed at any time

The 1st phase of the project is approximately 75% complete with all Solar PV installed, we will look to complete the rest of the electrical installation in the upcoming months. Lotus Electrical have just been awarded the next phase of the project which will see a further 43Nr houses built.

We are hoping Phase 2 will begin in early summer of 2019.