Solway Free Range Eggs

Here at Lotus Electrical, we have experience with working across all sectors, but one industry that really keeps us busy is the poultry industry.

Recent years have seen huge changes in the poultry industry and the consumer wants to know that animal welfare takes priority in their food production. One of our longest standing clients in the poultry sector is Kirkgunzeon based, Solway Free Range Eggs.

Unit Modernisation

The demand for improvements in animal welfare has resulted in the industry having to make major modernisations and improvements to their buildings. These ultra-modern units are complex and highly automated and require just a few staff to look after several thousand chickens safely, efficiently and in line with animal welfare guidelines.

We’ve been working with Solway Free Range Eggs on new units with production equipment to meet these high standards of animal welfare, including the installation of the feeding systems which provides the chickens with water and food. To add to Solway Free Ranges Eggs ethical ethos, power from their own wind turbines are used to power them. Heating is provided by energy efficient heat pumps and a modern ventilation system ensures that the sheds have clean air at the right temperature.

Hydraulic System Installation

In the morning, hydraulic systems open the sides of the building allowing the chickens to forage before drawing them in again at night to set nesting positions for egg laying and conveyor collection.

There are two main suppliers of these systems, Vencomatic and Newquip. At Lotus Electrical we have wide experience in both. If you are considering a new build, alteration or have one of these sites and are looking for a reliable electrical contractor, please contact Lotus Electrical for more information.